Go around Higashimurayama with GOSHUIN-CHO
Higashimurayama KANKO GOSHUIN-CHO* Stamp Rally *Stamp Rally Book

Higashimurayama has many unique and amazing spots, including power spot temples and temples and temples. We will hold “Higashimurayama KANKO GOSHUIN-CHO* Stamp Rally” for two months from December 2018.
Please have the original stamp rally book and visit 48 stamp points. You may find some great things in Higashimurayama! You may get lucky. Collect 10 or more stamps and get a gift unique to Higashimurayama!

Outline of stamp rally

This stamp rally will be held for two months from December 1, 2018.
*The New Year's holidays is different depending on the stamp point.

Event period

December 1, 2018 - January 31, 2019

The stamp points

There are 48 spots in the city.

Participation fee

You can get the Stamp Rally Book for free.
At the restaurants and stores, dining or shopping is required to get the stamps.


Collect 10 or more stamps and get a gift unique to Higashimurayama!

How to join the event
❶ Get your original Stamp Rally Book at distribution places.
  • There are 6 stamp rally book distribution places in Higashimurayama.
  • Ask for the stamp rally book at one of the 6 places. You can also get a map.
  • Maruyama bookstore 2-8-1 sakae-cho higashimurayama-city Close/1,2 January Open/10:00~23:00(sun/Holiday 10:00~21:30)
  • Industry,tourist information corner Higashimurayama Station West Exit Sanpalne 2F 1-46 noguchi-cho higashimurayama-city Close/Mon(If a Monday is a national holiday, then the next day) Open/9:30~18:00
  • Toshimaya Shuzo 3-14-10 kumegawa-cho, higashimurayama-city Close/Sat・Sun・Holiday Open/9:00~17:00
  • Pole Star 3-28-2 kumegawa-cho, higashimurayama-city Close/Sat・Sun・Holiday Open/9:00~16:30
  • Zenshoen Nagomi Tamazenshoennai 4-1-10 aoba-cho, higashimurayama-city Close/Mon Open/11:00~17:30
  • 7 Eleven Akitsuekimaeten 5-6-7 ahitsu, higashimurayama-city Open/24h,365 days
❷ Let's go around the 48 stamp points with the stamp rally book and the map.
  • Your adventure begins once you receive your Stamp Rally Book and the map! Have a great time visiting various places and shops.
  • There are 2 types of stamps. The black stamps are for places and stores while the red stamps are logos. Fill up your stamp book with these black and red stamps.
  • You can write the date in the date section on the stamp book by yourself.


  • Issuing of the Stamp Rally Book, receiving stamps and applying for the gift are only available during the operating days and hours of the 48 spots. There may be out of stock items or emergency days off depending on the location. Thank you for your understanding.
  • The operating days and hours of 48 spots are different. So please check. The operating hours and days off with this map. Please contact each spot directly about during the New Year’s holidays.
  • At the restaurants and stores, dining or shopping is required to get the stamps.
  • You can also get a stamp by using a Tokyo Koutsu TAXI.
  • If you want to obtain genuine Goshuinstamps (not related to this stamp rally) at temples and shrines, please get them by yourself. Only official stamps of the event are counted for the gift.
❸ Collect 10 or more stamps and get a gift!
  • If you collect 10 or more stamps at listed places, please come to visit Maruyama bookstore (List No.1) and show your stamped Stamp Rally Book to a staff. After confirmation, you will get a gift application postcard (the residents in Japan only).
  • Write down the name of the gift from 3 options on the application postcard and Please post the postcard by February 3rd 2019 (postage validity period).

*Overseas residents can get a different gift instead of the postcard. Thank you for your understanding.

Of those who gathered 10 or more stamps, prizes are gifted to 150 people by lottery!

[A]Toshimayashuzou SAKE
[B]Pole Star SAUCE
[C]Zenshoen Nagomi Special sweet red-bean paste

*Please choose one of the three.

Amazing 48 spots

Introducing 48 spots on which stamps can be printed
*You can get this map at 6 stamp rally book distribution places.

Contact the following phone number for further information of this event.
Please DO NOT contact the event spots for further information.(Contact)TEL : 090-9143-6978。