Go around Higashimurayama with GOSHUIN-CHO
What’s "Go around Higashimurayama with GOSHUIN-CHO"

Higashimurayama is mainly famous for the greenery area called Hachikokuyama-Ryokuchi modeled on a scene of the famous animation movie “My Neighbor Totoro” Also, the iris garden called Kitayama-Koen (Kitayama-Park) is famous.
In addition, There are also many wonderful places such as national treasures and other historic temples and shrines.
Besides, this town has many amazing spots like the National Hansen’s Disease Museum: a place of learning about importance of human rights, local sake and beer breweries, and a variety of foods and condiments. Local restaurants are also wonderful.
We hope many people will experience Higashimurayama. This project was born out of this kind of thought.

48 amazing spots from here

About 30-minutes from Shinjuku or Ikebukuro.

Higashimurayama city is located in the Tama area, northwest of Tokyo. To Higashimurayama City, you can come by train from Shinjuku and Ikebukuro in the center of Tokyo in about 30 minutes. The community buses, taxis and rental bicycles are useful for visiting around the spots in the city.

◆Community bus : Higashimurayama Green Bus
042-393-5111 (Public Transportation Department,City Office)

◆Taxi : Tokyo Kutsu Corporation 0120-524-455

◆Rental bicycles:
Kumegawa Station North Exit Bicycle Center
Higashimurayama Station West Exit Bicycle Center

Higashimurayama KANKO GOSHUIN-CHO* Stamp Rally *Stamp Rally Book

We will hold “Higashimurayama KANKO GOSHUIN-CHO* Stamp Rally” for two months from December 2018. Please have the original stamp rally book and visit 48 stamp points.
You may find some great things in Higashimurayama!
Collect 10 or more stamps and get a gift!

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Let's feel the amazing spots of Higashimurayama city! Higashimurayama Special Tour

During the stamp rally, We will conduct a monitor tour.
It is a half-day tour that touches history, tours of sake brewery, beer factory, source factory etc.

◆Date : February 23, 2019

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